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Nystrala, My Fantasy Map by yaksha95
Nystrala, My Fantasy Map
This a map of a fantasy land named 'Nystrala' for a book I am currently trying to write. I just made this map and ethnic territories for reference when writing. lands colored have some sort of culture claiming that land as their territory, lands in white are mapped and navigated, but otherwise have not been explored.

Major Factions and Races:

At the top in the dark red, is the 'Zenshuko Empire' a confederation of 31 human tribes, mainly horse nomads who dwell on plains and steppes. It's territory compromises 7 distinct lands that are language barriers to which these tribes belong to. Such as tribes who speak Kimjatan belong to Kimjata, etc. These lands are Kimjata, Kivet, Tyba, Nomjol, Pajahe, Irake, Unkcati.

Just south of Zenshuko, lie the the mountainous lands of the Elves of the 'Kingdom of Arsakaya'. The Kingdom built from various smaller Kingdoms to fight a common enemy now defeated, the Kingdom is made up of five Elven city state leagues and two Islands conquered from their enemy. These Lands are, Rodan, Kratia, Makandia, Thraxia, Epiria, Attios, Arcanda.

On the top right corner of the map lies the cold, snowy lands of Scandin, an area ruled by the non-native Bear-men known as the 'Ursoc Domain'. The Ursoc conquered this land when they migrated west from east a millennia ago. Lands they conquered belonged to a race of Wolf-men known as the Ulvar, some Half-Bloods and a few human tribes. Lands conquered were, Swidon, Dansark, Marwae, Finsen, Vansen, Mur'Nahg Major.

Just south of Scandin are the hot, dry deserts of Ker San'San, to which the Lizard-men known as the Skee'Voshe dwell in as a Commonwealth. The 'Skee'Voshe Commonwealth' is an alliance of several autonomous regions of other Skee'Voshe and Elves, brought together by their love of trade and gold. The Regions include, Strya, Nuband, Gypta, Araja, Cartahen, Numinda, Balara, Mur'Nahg Minor.

Minor Factions and Races:

The Land of Asha is a peninsula where three human vassal states to the Zenshuko Empire lie. In the northern jungles lies the 'Ar'Djun Dynasty', and in the western jungles is the 'Kingdom of Tien Sja'. In the eastern forests and mountains, lies the 'Shogu'Awa Shogunate' from which the Zenshuko Empire gets it's name. All three states are independent, but pledge fealty and sovereignty, as well as armies to the Zenshuko Empire. 

To the southeast of Asha is the Land of Tygania in the dark, dense jungles. A land which was navigated and mapped but never fully explored, even by those of the 'Tygan Empire' in the norther lands. The Tygans are a race of Tiger-men unified by conquest. The Tygan Empire was unified by war, as a certain Kingdom had a hate for Elves and Men. Kingdoms conquered included, Zaribae, Oztach, Nara, Enku.

In the highlands between Zenshuko and Scandin is the 'United Kingdoms of Elman', a consortium of Half-Blood Kingdoms and tribes. Half-Bloods are the progeny of Men and Elves. In later times those who consorted with one not of their own species, produced an offspring exhibiting features of both man and elf; so in ancient times, those who were Half-Bloods and those who produced them were banished to the inhospitable highlands in the west, earning the name 'Elman'. Though over the years, the people who lived their prospered off the land and trade they were banished to, creating Kingdoms rivaling those of the humans and elves. It's ideal location for trade all between all four the major factions, made it a target by the already prosperous Skee'Voshe Commonwealth, and by the outcome of a war, which the Commonwealth won, they control all trade in Elman. The United Kingdoms consists of four Autonomous regions, Koska, Scitsen, Orsen, Engsen.

There are stories swimming in the Mur'Nahg Isles, that tells tales of a mystical mysterious people known as 'Merfolk' Mermaids and Mermen, half man and half fish. But little is known of them other than vague stories from sailors and fishermen. People also assume the word 'Mur'Nahg' is a Merfolk word, as no one knows what Mur'Nahg even means.

Far to the west of the main continent are the dark mysterious lands of 'Drakis ot Drarn', the supposed homeland of the 'Drakisath'. The Drakisath are thought to have been an ancient Empire of Dragons that once ruled the entirety of Nystrala when the other races were young. The cartographer who mapped the region was thought to have gone insane after he returned to Nystrala, saying he could hear voices of a language unheard of. The land has since been untouched by anyone since the cartographer's death, afraid they too would fall to a fate similar to his if they ever stepped foot on the soil.


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Caleb Thompson
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United States
I am a member of the Lakota Sioux Hunkpapa Sioux on the Crow Creek reservation in Fort Thompson South Dakota. I take, pride in my heritage. I love to draw sketch, video games, etc. I attend private school, reluctantly. I consider myself, self-eduacated through history of various sorts rather than math geometry and science as society would rather dictate. My Lakota name, Is Tezi Tanka, which means "Big Belly" I am writing a novel where native american history plays a big role, it is sci-fi/fantasy. the website will be listed. I hope to get lots of reads, and hopefully get my people noticed. It takes a thousand voices to speak for one, and it takes one voice to speak for a thousand.

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